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7-18-8-2F Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032


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LIFE with ART project
Solo Exhibition  "town,folk,form."  at arflex

Exhibition by artist Yuji Mizuta at arflex Tokyo, November 28 to December 24

The LIFE with ART project proves the cosy relationship between art and interior design, and as part of this project, an exhibition by Yuji Mizuta will be held at arflex Tokyo in Ebisu.

Yuji Mizuta, in his shows in both Japan and overseas, expresses a detailed world without being tied down to specific methods, using various approaches including fine embroidery, line drawings, occasionally large-scale paintings, three-dimensional pieces employing fabric, and so on.

In this exhibition he presents his artworks alongside a collaboration on the marenco, an icon of arflex design.

アートとインテリアの心地良い関係を提案する企画「LIFE with ART project」。



Solo Exhibition  ” I have an incurable compulsion to ”
クリアギャラリートーキョーにて Solo Exhibition" I have an incurable compulsion to " を開催。

OPENING RECEPTION: July 19 Friday, 7pm - 9:30pm

EXHIBITION: July 19 - August 10, 2019
LOCATION: CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO 7-18-8/2F , Roppongi, Minato-ku,Tokyo

Working as a textile artist for over 20 years, Mizuta has developed his artistic practice through various techniques including pencil drawings, photography, and collage. His enduring fascination with textiles lies in the expressions they create and the roles they serve when employed in physical acts such as being worn or tied or used to wrap things up.
In Talisman, Mizuta embroidered English essays he wrote while studying at a language school atop photos taken around the same time. As a record of a particular place and time, the needle like a clock's hand, the embroidered essays include the artist's vocabulary and grammar errors, uncorrected.

In the main part of the exhibition, Mizuta depicts his fetishistic impulses using dyed cloth in the manner of a painter applying paint to canvas, layer by layer, resulting in an obsessive, quasi-religious paean from the artist to his beloved textiles.
Most artists use fabric, in the form of canvas, simply as the backdrop on which they produce their artworks. As you will see in this exhibition, however, Yuji Mizuta employs the fabric itself as an integral part of his art, in so doing creating new expressions in 2D.

鉛筆画や写真、コラージュなど様々な手法を用いて作品を制作しているミズタユウジは、20 年以上に渡りテキスタイルアーティス トとしても活動を続けています。 ミズタのテキスタイルに対する関心は、纏う(まとう)、包む、縛るといった、行為の延長にある布の表情と、その役割にあります。 Talisman(タリスマン)という作品では、作家が語学を学んでいる時に綴った英語のエッセイが、同時期に撮った写真の上に刺繍さ れており、文章は所々文法や語彙の間違いもありますが、それは作家の過ごした時間の記録であり、一刺し一刺しは時計の針となっ て、当時見た作家の情景を再現しています。 画家が絵の具を重ねていくように、自ら染めた布を用いて、自身のフェティシズムに対する衝動を描く本作は、作家がテキスタイル に抱く、ある種 宗教的な執着心と憧憬を唄った讃歌でもあります。 絵画制作にもっとも使用される支持体としての布(キャンバス)に対して、マチエールとして布を扱い、平面作品に展開していくミ ズタユウジの新たな表現を、この機会にぜひご高覧下さい。

​"Talisman" appeared in GINZA magazine, May issue
​GINZA 5月号に、アートワークが掲載されました。
​"Talisman" is displayed at INTERSECT BY LEXUS
青山、INTERSECT BY LEXUSのウィンドウにアートワークをインテリアスタイリスト 作原文子氏のスタイリングで展示しています。
展示期間:2019年 1月17日〜2月中頃まで。
Styling by Fumiko Sakuhara

​"Talisman" appeared in Hanako magazine, March issue
​"Talisman" appeared in FIGARO JAPON magazine, March issue
Mini exhibition "Talisman"at CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO
クリアギャラリートーキョーにて mini exhibition"Talisman " を開催。

I spent around six months living in England.

Now I offer up these pieces as talismans shaped by the experiences, surprises, discoveries, and self-discoveries I made, as well as the cultures, religions, and differences I encountered, during that April to September in England.


Concept art for Pointline Yutenji  01.10.2018

Concept art for LUMINE Singapore   13.11.2017
ルミネ シンガポールのルミネカフェにてアートワークスを常設。